Justin Jin (KR)

justin-jin-rokJustin Jin founded Axia Materials Co., LTD. (http://www.LiteTex.com) in 2000, and he continues to serve as president and CEO. Justin studied Polymer Engineering in Seoul National University and now holds more than 30 patents on highly functional materials and composites. Since its foundation, Axia has been developing high-strength materials to bring light-weight and energy-saving solutions to the automobile, defense, and building industries. Justin has been working with European, American and Asian companies on projects ranging from light-weight car body solutions to highly energy-efficient USA military barracks to composite modular homes. Since 2010, Axia has been focusing on using its composite technology to develop a new, highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly way to build homes. Justin’s vision is to bring game-changing solutions to the home building industry by integrating “Do-It-Yourself,” “Smart home,” “Renewable-energy,” and “eco-friendly” concepts with its composite materials and to establish Axia Materials as the “Energy-Efficient Solutions Supplier” to the world.