November 9, 2017

Special Event by Dante Alighieri Monaco

7 pm – Hotel Meridien
Conference and screening Iriria-Nina Tierra
documentary by Carmelo Camilli (film director)
moderated by Luisella Berrino



RIRIA – Niña Tierra, is a documentary that through a Cosmovision of the indigenous community Bribri-Cabecar that lives in the nature reserve of Alta
Talamanca in Costa Rica, reflects the difficult relationship between the man and the earth.
An analysis, from the local to the universal, of the “cultural” root which is the base of the environmental problems that the planet is facing in this era.
SINOPSY “IRIRIA is a fat child girl, God SIBÖ decided to create the Earth from her skin, after that, sow the seed and created life ….”
This is the beginning of IRIRIA tell – NIÑA TIERRA documentary will be a blend into a world view and actuality, journalism, anthropology and movie, across BRIBRI-CABECAR tribe description of the native reserve of Alta Talamanca in Costa Rica. The countless characters voice, from AWA (medicine man) to the ancient sages, from the Teacher of culture BRIBRI of the COROMA school to the local ADITIBRI government, they tell us about an alive earth which hears and sees thank to the Forest Spirits, Sea ones, Hurricane and Animals; also it talks to us trough its natural events such as earthquake, floods and global warming that we are facing today with desperation. Nature itself (documentary main character) will take us with its visual impact and its wonderful energy, into the cultural analysis of human behavior into its environment in which lives without respecting it. It is a trip around the world view, spirituality, earth defense, human behavior, broken balances, interpretation and reading natural disasters from the local to the universe.
From the analysis of human and earth relation, not sustainable anymore, we
can outline a vision of the future in which a change,
a cultural one before the technical, it will impose by the IRIRIA strenght if the
man wont be able to change it, in time.
“ … we haven’t seen everything yet, but we’ve already received a warning “

November 10, 2017
11.00 – 11.30 – Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
Video Screening Amazonia
written by Mario Petrucci
film directed by David Bickerstaff


And one man made a speech    About the slaughtering of green

And while he was speaking    a woman dug a pit in me    placed within it

a green branch    Laid it gently as though it were her daughter

And gave it water

This film was the centrepiece of an exhibition by Lucy and Jorge Orta, commissioned by the Natural History Museum (London).  It presented rainforest footage (from their 2009 Peruvian expedition with Cape Farewell) on vast split screens.  Mario Petrucci’s poetry drives the narration.

The rainforest’s stunning actuality is accompanied by two voices: Rationality/ Industrialism [male] and Gaia [female].  Their uneasy dialogue evolves into a kind of understanding, one we might ourselves imitate across nations, disciplines and species.  Through physical sense, and common sense, Gaia’s indispensability mobilises this film.  The way all her parts speak so powerfully to the whole makes Gaia not only irreducible to economic logic, but also makes her the ultimate poem.

script written by Mario Petrucci


film directed by David Bickerstaff